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In this highly competitive industry, even the smallest difference in cycle time or quality can have enormous consequences.

That is why all our service-friendly systems are designed to reduce cycle time and enhance the product quality to provide our customers with an optimal solution. 

Polymac’s portfolio varies from a standard stand-alone system to completely integrated downstream automation. All designed, built and installed by our own specialist engineers, who are fully committed to their job: making a durable system that is built to last.


Assembly lines for Technical products

Over the years, Polymac has been supplying various automation lines, starting with product takeout to complete automated assembly lines for technical products. We have in-house capabilities for engineering, software and manufacturing and have a world-wide support team available for training and inst...

Destacking systems

Polymac supplies a full line of destacking systems. These systems can be supplied as stand alone or in combination with the Handle fitting Machine. The unit destacks / denest the pails and places them one by one onto a conveyor. The destacker / denester is generally used in combination with a handle...

Feeder for offset printing machines

Polymac feeders are generally used in combination with van Dam or Case Offset Printing Machines.

  • The feeder takes pails off a stack and places them onto the mandrel of an off-set printing machine.
  • The feeder can handle pails (with or without handles) with diameters ...

High Speed Label Applicator

Polymac supplies High performance label applicators as stand alone systems or integrated in our pail handling systems. Up to 1000 labels per minute dependent on label size and pitch can be handled. The label accuracy is better than +/- 1mm....

High Speed Pick and Place Stacker for lids

High Speed Pick and Place Stacker for lids: The Pick & Place stacker is available for a wide variety of products. We supply both standard as well as High Production versions.  The cycle is about 4.5-5 seconds for a standard stacker and 0.6-1 sec. for a high performance sta...

Pailstacker / Containerstacker

The pail / container stacker is available as an S (standard) version with a capacity up to 900 pails per hour, and an HP (high production) version for stacking (after printing) up to 1800 pails an hour. These capacities depend on the size and shape of the pails to be handled.

  • The stacker ...