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Always at the forefront of new developments, Polymac was the first company to recognize the importance of using High Speed Robot Systems for IML applications.

That’s why we have been integrating Yushin’s High Speed Robot systems into our IML systems for over 20 years. This successful cooperation resulted in the founding of a separate company, Polymac-Robotics.

The (Ultra) High Speed Yushin Robots can also be used for take-out and stacking as well as for IML. This allows you to take maximum advantage and increase the efficiency of your investment.

The take-out robots are also very energy efficient, and as a result of the low energy consumption substantial savings can be made. This is good both for you and for the environment!

For maximum flexibility, Polymac-Robotics offers both Side Entry- as well as Top Entry IML solutions, designed to minimize cycle times. With our extensive and experienced service team we can support your products on a worldwide basis.



For more than 35 years Polymac has been supplying take out robots. Yushin top entry robots are available in normal speed, high speed and ultra high speed. The common factor in these robots is reliability, performance and smart programming. What to think of a take out time of 0,32 seconds? Yushin top entry robots are often used in Polymac IML systems, resulting in universal IML systems that take a very small floor space and are extremely flexible.


HST series

HST series, built lighter and faster

The shape and structure of most HST components were formed with design optimization technology for lighter weight. This innovation trimmed 72.5kg from the HST's moving components, 25.4% lighter than the previous RAII-a-HS series model....


RCII series

The robot is equipped with a flexible yet user-friendly E-touch Web controller and includes Lead Through Teaching software and networked operation. - High-speed operation realizes high production efficiency.
Adoption of servo motor on every axis, kick axis, traverse axis and vertical axis make...


YC series

The YC series robots replaces the well known YA series robots. Due to design optimation, the YC series uses smaller servomotors, resulting in energy reduction. The YC series is standard equipped with ECO Vacuum reducing air consumption by 75%. This robot is lighter and due to its Computer -Aided- E...


SC series

The SC series shows upgraded specifications, features and functions. The ECO vacuum circuit, ECO Mode and ECO Monitor are standard-equipped, this reduces your running costs. By design optimization and anti-vibration controls a shorter and more stable take-out is secured, which results in productivit...



Yushin has been world leader in side entry take out robots for more than 35 years. Polymac uses Side entry robots for product take out ranging from technical products to big pails or multi cavity packaging products. The Yushin side entry robots are also integrated in Polymacs IML systems.

TSXA series

The TSXA series side entry robots is developed to achieve the world’s fastest cycle time, 0,2 seconds in and out of the mould! A revolutionary design with thinner end of arm tools to reduce mould openings. The TSXA is equipped with the same smart and user friendly controller as used in the HS...