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YC series

The YC series robots replaces the well known YA series robots. Due to design optimation, the YC series uses smaller servomotors, resulting in energy reduction. The YC series is standard equipped with ECO Vacuum reducing air consumption by 75%. This robot is lighter and due to its Computer -Aided- Engineering less sensitive to vibrations. The YC series comes standard with the user friendly E-Touch Compact Controller, with various functions such as predictive maintenance, enhanced manual operation screen and Lead Through Teaching. These robots are used in combination with moulding machines ranging from 30 to 1600 ton clamping force.


Clamping force

80~450 Ton

Number of servo axis

3-5 axis

Kick frame

Dual support type

Vertical frame

2-stage telescopic type

Guide section

Yushin lineair rail

NC box

On robot


E-Touch Compact


Power source

AC200V (50/60Hz)

Driving method

Digital Servo Motor (3/5 axis)

Control method

Micro Computer control

Air pressure


Maximum air pressure


Wrist flip angle

90 deg.

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