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MFR (Mould Following take-out Robot)

The unique patented Mould Following Robot is the absolute winner when it comes to take our single or multi cavity pails!

  • With the patented Mould Following take-out Robot (MFR) the standstill time of the moving plate can be reduced to 0,25-0,5 seconds! To realise this ultra  short time, it is important, that the pail is blown of the mould well.
  • The MFR is placed next to the injection moulding machine, at the non-operator side. There are no mechanical links between the injection moulding machine and the MFR, so possible vibrations are not passed on. The position of both machines in relation to each other is monitored constantly.
  • The system is very compact.
  • The program of the MFR offers the possibility to store 99 different pail moulds.
  • The MFR is very user-friendly and needs almost no maintenance.
  • Possible options: attachment of handles, stacking, vision system etc.

The MFR can be supplied for single up to four-cavity moulds.

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