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Polymac vision systems

Polymac vision systems can be fully integrated in Polymac or third party downstream automation for IML label inspection.

Fully integrated in existing or new build automation, Polymac vision systems perform on the spot quality control of your production output. Integration saves floor-space without compromising on quality output.

Depending on the application single or multi camera systems with integrated processor will be used. Instead of what alternative suppliers do Polymac has developed special algorithms which enables the camera system to accept minor deviations of the label (not noticeable for the human eye). This way you can fine tune your production and define which quality level you regard as correct and which quality level is a reject.

Some of the general parameters to be checked are:

•    Fingers
•    Label position (alignment)
•    Label gap
•    Certain text parts
•    Bar code presence

Find out what Polymac can do for you! Contact a Polymac application engineer for more detailed information about Product Inspection.