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Standard Metal Handle Forming and Fitting Machine

Handle-forming and -fitting machine with stacker for pails with metal handles.
The handle-forming and -fitting machine is available with a capacity up to 750 pails an hour, and as an HP (high production) version, capacity up to 1600 pails an hour. These capacities depend on the size and shape of the pails to be handled.
The machine forms handles out of straight steel wire, cut to the right length.
The wire magazine can hold about 2000 wires.
The knobs are shaped by way of a hydraulic system.
The shape of the handle can be made according to customer’s wishes, e.g. for round, rectangular or oval pails. The machine can also be equipped to add plastic handle grips.

The standard accumulation zone of the integrated stacker is sufficient for 5-6 stacks, depending on the size of the pails. If necessary, this area can be increased to allow for 25 stacks.

Every machine can be customised to meet the customer’s wishes. Additional equipment can also be supplied, such as take-out devices, conveyor belts, etc.

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