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Handle Fitting Machine for preformed handles

Plastic Handle Fitting Machine for preformed plastic handles

Handle Fitting Machine for rigid preformed plastic handles

This handle fitting machine assembles rigid preformed plastic handles to plastic pails. The handle-fitting machine is available in a Standard-, High Production- and Ultra High Production Machine. Capacity of these machines varies from 700 up to 2500 pails per hour! (capacity depends on the size/type of the pail and type of handle)

An unique sorting system separates the handles and feeds them one by one to the handle-fitting machine. The machine can be easily set for pails of different heights and different diameters of pails.

The open construction offers an excellent accessibility to all machine parts, making product change over easy.

Most important features:

  • Compact system having a small footprint
  • A variety of products and handle shapes can be handled
  • Accepts handles that are not having the perfect shape (twisted, bended, etc.)
  • Quick conversion time to another product
  • Proven technology

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