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Pailstacker / Containerstacker

The pail / container stacker is available as an S (standard) version with a capacity up to 900 pails per hour, and an HP (high production) version for stacking (after printing) up to 1800 pails an hour. These capacities depend on the size and shape of the pails to be handled.

  • The stacker can stack pails:
    • with or without handles
    • with metal or with plastic handles
    • of different heights and diameters
  • The length of the infeed conveyor and accumulation zone can be made to suit the customer’s requirements.
  • The time needed to switch to another size /type of pail is about 5 minutes for the S type stacker and about 10 minutes for the HP type stacker.
  • No special tools are needed for switching between formats.
  • The stacker is easily movable.
  • The open construction offers an excellent accessibility to all machine parts, making maintenance and service easier.

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