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Feeder for offset printing machines

Polymac feeders are generally used in combination with van Dam or Case Offset Printing Machines.

  • The feeder takes pails off a stack and places them onto the mandrel of an off-set printing machine.
  • The feeder can handle pails (with or without handles) with diameters of 150-400 mm
  • The capacity is a maximum of 1800 pails an hour, depending on the shape/type of the pail.
  • The time, needed to switch to another pail format is about 5-15 minutes.
  • A special provision makes it possible to take pails off a stack easily and quickly, including cylindrical pails.
  • The open construction offers an excellent accessibility to all machine parts, making maintenance and service easier.
  • Polymac also offers complete solutions for in feed such as destackers / denesters and downstream automation for after printing such as stackers and conveyors.

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