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Released on 22-11-2018

Machines Pagès, part of the recent formed Pagès Group based in France, today announces the acquisition of Polymac, the Dutch-based automation specialist. The move comes as part of a major expansion this year and will enable Pagès Group to provide superior service and greater overall value to a rapidly expanding global customer base.

Machines Pagès has been manufacturing high-performance In Mould Labelling (IML) systems and special automation systems for the global plastics industry since 1984, as well as providing innovative In Mould Labelling downstream solutions that include Product/Decoration Inspection, Assembly-and Box Filling Systems.

Founded in 1977, Polymac is the inventor of the Handle Fitting Machine and continues to be a leader in this area; as well as providing high-quality IML systems to the global Plastic Injection Moulding Industry.

Under the Pagès Group umbrella the two companies will continue to operate from their current locations while jointly focusing on delivering a more complete solution to professional plastic converters worldwide across a range of sectors, including industrial, food & beverage, cosmetic and medical.

For customers, this will equate to greater global support through a dedicated service and support team; increased innovation potential and value from new technologies through the combination of R&D and application knowledge; and all supported by an ambitious organization able to grow with customers and meet new industrial standards.

The acquisition is part of a major expansion from the Pagès Group this year, which includes the doubling of its production footprint in France; major improvements in operational excellence; and the new-found ability to perform Factory Acceptance Tests of complete production cells.

«Polymac is a perfect fit for our long-term industrial strategy and continued focus on improving the services to our customer base. The combination of complementary technical know-how and experience from both companies will allow to continue developing innovative and efficient solutions for our customers, as well as strengthening our global growth. The strong footprint of Polymac in North Western Europe will enable us to grow in this region at an even faster pace»
- Yannick Ains, CEO of Pagès Group

«Joining the Pagès Group gives us unprecedented synergy in serving our global customer base better. For example, their subsidiaries in China and North America will give customers access to local technical support - while further accelerating our global sales efforts. Both companies share a technical common ground that is embedded in our collective DNA: the drive to add value to the customer’s bottom line»

- Kees van de Steeg and Herman Suelmann, Management team at Polymac

Pagès Group has 150 employees with three plants in France, one in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in China and North America. The group capacity is more than 125 new systems per year.

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